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The resulting material is weather proof, strong, durable and insect resistant. There is no need for annual maintenance, and perfectly suited for application in areas that are exposed to the elements. Because it is plastic, it can be washed (high pressure hose), treated with disinfectant, and will not rot or develop odours and stains. This makes it a perfect substrate for industrial application where hygiene and cleaning are important. Over time, in areas exposed to harsh elements, the colour of the plastic fades slightly, but can be revamped with application of polish.

Because the extrusion process is managed in batches, we cannot always guarantee 100% colour match, but colours are likely to be within an acceptable range. Standard colours: Brown – Rust, Brown – Dark, Green and Black. Other colours can be made to design.

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Width 1.4m

About our material: made from 100% recycled plastic, with no wood or sawdust composite.

Using a special blend of
• Polyethylene HD (agricultural hoses, hard plastics, buckets etc)
• Polyethylene LD (frozen packaging, garbage bags, shrink film)
• Polypropylene (coke bottle lids and such)
• PET Polyethylene tetraphthalate – PET bottles – Coke and water bottles

with the addition of special dyes to create colours, the materials are extruded into plank and poles shapes. Approximately one ton of recycled plastic creates one ton of plastic timber, putting this waste stream to good and earth friendly use.

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Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 127 × 64 × 96 cm


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